Saturday, August 11, 2012

No extra space exploration in Texas

In response to the post, Space Exploration in Texas, I’d like to say that while bringing more space oriented business to Texas could be great, I am against this idea.  Bazan states that, “If these businesses would like to come to Texas, the governor needs to negotiate with them in order to bring more jobs to Texas.”  I understand that for the aerospace engineer graduates this would be a dream come true, but one thing that is left from consideration is what happens to all of the jobs that were already in those areas where these new facilities will be built.  

Several leading companies from California and Washington are interested in areas of Texas to establish facilities for their companies and further research.  As I have stated before what is to happen with the industries and other businesses in that area?  Having these companies establish themselves in Texas may create jobs but I argue that they will just displace many people form their jobs. I say this because many of those areas thrive on local business activity within there counties.  If these out-of-state companies come in and give jobs but take the profits back to their home state, how will the benefit of "creating" new jobs out weigh the displacement of the old jobs?

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