Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another view of the War on Drugs

I would like to comment on blog five of Government: Bigger in Texas.  I really enjoy this debate topic because it is constantly evolving.  I agree that making illegal drugs legal is a change that should happen, at least for a trial period.  What do we really have to lose from a trial?  As discussed before, people already purchase their goods from illegal sources so we would not be creating a brand new “product.”  

I also believe that keeping drugs illegal could keep or decrease the crime rate involved with drug cartels, in comparison to making them legal.  Don’t say I’m ridiculous or crazy yet, hear me out on this point.
Right now we all know that drugs, money, and violence have all seriously been connected to a lot of media coverage.  The war on drugs is not progressing.  But what if it could be worse?  Imagine, an individual has been living in Texas their whole life and they have been buying drugs illegally from a distributor in another country for the past 20 years.  This distributor knows everything about this person and their family.  Say that illegal drugs are now legal and this individual would be able to purchase their drugs sooner and at a more convenient place.  Do you think that drug lord will let his customer walk away that easy?  Unarmed salesmen at a car dealership don’t let potential customers walk away easily much less this drug lord who has no problem killing or resorting to some kind of violence just so they can make a profit.

So imagine that. Imagine that situation times 10.  I see a lot more violence and hurting of people’s families than what was originally happening.

This is just a thought that I feel no one ever looks at seriously, and I had to comment.

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