Friday, July 20, 2012

Who will take Hutchinson's position?

In this editorial in the Dallas Morning News, talk about our candidates for future Senator was presented.  Tom Leppert, former Dallas mayor and senatorial candidate, endorsing David Dewhurst, addresses all voters by trying to make a point the Dewhurst campaign should be making.  Leppert claims that Dewhurst’s accomplished resume and experiences make him out to be the better candidate between him and his word savvy running-mate Ted Cruz.  Dewhurst has 10 years under his belt as Lt. Governor, and Cruz is a lawyer, and as evidence shows a very good one.

I agree with Leppert on this issue of who the better candidate is just by what I read from his editorial.  (Maybe he should work with the Dewhurst campaigning staff.)  I also read the comments to this editorial and I found two things.  One, no one is a Dewhurst fan, or two, Cruz followers were very upset and were the only ones commenting.  On one comment I read how someone had watched the debate and saw how much passion Cruz spoke with, without notecards or any material while Dewhurst fumbled around his cards to find the right words to say.  My comment on this is, some people just don’t need written prompt to remember what their goals are-especially if they are a lawyer I would hope that they are quick enough thinkers to not need notecards.  Second, Cruz is a new political official on the scene he has much less to lose that Dewhurst does.  I believe that anyone who has been in a public spotlight for a decade and a political position needs to watch what they say.  Dewhurst is in a position where his whole reputation could be turned at a misinterpreted statement.  Will Cruz do what he says?  Or will he gain all of these followers because of his word magic and then not be able to perform his statements?  

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